Third issue

Hekmat Quarterly Journal
An International Journal of Academic Research
Special: Fiqh and common law

ISSN: 1916-2693
Third issue: Winter 2010
Published by: Canadian House of Wisdom
Director: Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani
Editor in Chief: Mohammad Asadi

The Strategy of Muslim States in Human Rights Discourse

Mohammad Hossein Mozaffari

The position of Muslim States in Human Rights debates is perplexed and to some extent confusing and contradictory. Even though some Islamic countries have always claimed that human rights enterprise is a Western agenda and, thus, does not conform to the Islamic culture, a large number of these countries have ratified the international covenants on human rights. This paper attempts to show the nature of that confusing stance and tries to illustrate the development that led to the adoption of different strategies in Human Rights matters.
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The Concepts of Fiqh and Law, and Their Relationship

Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani

This paper consists of two chapters. In the first chapter, I will define concepts such as Fiqh, Shari’a, Huquq, and Qanun. The lexical and technical meanings of these four terms as well as the relationship between their lexical and technical meanings will be presented. full story

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