The Foundations Of Islamic Jurisprudence As Forseen In The Holy Quran

Seyed Monzer Hakim

The broad spread of the concept of justice in the Holy Quran is a sign of its significance among the Quranic teachings. This work aims to clarify the fundamentality of this issue in all divine limits and law.
The general and fundamental guidelines of the Quran for the realization of the goal of divine legislation and reaching up to such ideals as acclaimed by God's prophets (spread of justice within the human society) will come to light through the unfolding process of this study.
With insistence on the necessity of paying special attention to the foundations of divine legislation and laying down the laws, and their significance in making sense of our understanding of those laws, their aims, and methods of adherence and obedience to them, and  clarification of justice being the foundational concept in the revelation of religious guidelines and the enactment of divine law as they have appeared in the Quran, this paper will open up avenues suggestive of solutions to the many problems confronting us in a study of this kind.