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Hekmat Quarterly Journal
An International Journal of Academic Research
Special: Islam and Human Rights

ISSN: 1916-2693
Fourth issue
Published by: Canadian House of Wisdom
Director: Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani
Editor in Chief: Mohammad Asadi


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There are times in the history of mankind that are historically significant and have been registered as either regretful and sad or uplifting and joyful, and future generations have consequently looked upon them and discussed them in those same terms. full story

The concept of Human Dignity in the Islamic Thought

Mohammad Hossein Mozaffari

The inherent dignity of man is the foundation of human rights and human rights instruments have emphasized that all human rights are derived from the inherent dignity of the human person. Although many human rights scholars may assume it as an indisputable concept, it has always been a matter of dispute among competing schools of philosophy of law. Similarly, some Muslim scholars argue that the concept of inherent dignity of man is one of the essential teachings of Islam, while there are others who deny the inherent dignity of man.

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Law the Guarantee for the Protection of Human Rights

Mortaza Beheshti

Human Rights are shared ideals among all world nations such that there cannot be found an era in the history of man, even during the periods of slavery and barbarism, in which the issue of the rights of man has not been a concern. It is, therefore, immediately evident that human rights should be considered man’s real and all-embracing demand throughout history.

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