Fifth Issue

Hekmat Quarterly Journal
An International Journal of Academic Research

ISSN: 1916-2693
Fifth issue
Winter 2012
Published by: Canadian House of Wisdom
Director: Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani
Editor in Chief: Mohammad Asadi


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Jung's Conception of God and Religion

Dr. Ali Haghi

This paper studies the problem of God and religion in the works of Carl Jung. To Jung's mind, religion is a psychic phenomenon. God and religion, in this theoretical framework, are reduced to psychic categories. Religious experience, then, is found in the depth of man's psyche. full story

Discursive Rationalism in the Methodology of Avicenna Philosophy

Mohammad Mehdi Gorjian, Masumeh Esma’eeli

In the history of Islamic Philosophy, whereas some Muslim philosophers such as Farabi and Avicenna, following Greek Peripatetics, have merely trusted pure intellectual reasoning in their search for truth, some others, like the followers of the schools of illumination and transcendent theosophy (Hikmat Mota’aliah), have relied also on intuition (Shohoud) and illumination (Ishraq) as independent and accountable methods of discovery on a par with intellect.

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Islam and Terrorism

Mohammad As’adi

As one of the serious problems the global community is facing, terrorism is an important issue dealt with in the realm of both international law and international relations. There is no consensus of opinion on the definition of “terrorism,” even among western thinkers; nor have the attempts made by international organizations at providing a comprehensive and universal definition for this term yielded any results. All that has been done so far is the compilation of a list of some instances of terrorist actions. However, taking any position on this issue necessitates a clear definition of the concept of “terrorism.”

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