Sixth Issue

Hekmat Quarterly Journal
An International Journal of Academic Research

Islam and Environment

ISSN: 1916-2693
Sixth Issue
Winter 2013
Published by: Canadian House of Wisdom
Director: Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani
Editor in Chief: Mohammad Asadi


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Religious Ideology and Environment An Introduction to Islamic Approach to Nature

By: Behnaz Aminzadeh Ph.D.

Environmental crises threaten the entire nature. While present debates in international forums, conventions, and organizations as well as national ones the world over are centered around environment and how to sustain it, destructing the environment through rapid increase in energy consumption on global scale, the extinction of natural species and devastation of forests continue. Many international conventions address strategies and solutions for environmental problems, and states are dedicated to work them out. full story

Preservation of environment in Islamic teachings

By: Ibrahim Bateni

Social industrial developments in different societies have given rise to various new issues including a new set of crimes known today as ecological crimes. Although man has ever been thoughtful of the importance of and respect for environment, the advance of science and technology gave man control over nature and the ability to exploit it. full story

Religions and Environment

By: Mohsen Karizi

It is now more than three decades that experts in environment and experts in religion have carried out valuable researches about the relation between religion and environment. The best and more complete works in this field will be discussed here. We shall steady in this article research works on world religions and their teachings about the environment. Directors of this project aim to start a new project in religion studies that can help improve contemporary ecological ethics.

full story

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