7th Issue

Hekmat Quarterly Journal
An International Journal of Academic Research

Islam and Sexual Health

ISSN: 1916-2693
Seventh Issue
Summer 2013
Published by: Canadian House of Wisdom
Director: Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani
Editor in Chief: Mohammad Asadi


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The ontological foundations of sexual ethics

Sharafi Mohamad Reza and Taherpur Mohamad Sharif

In the contemporary world, conscious understanding of sexual drive is of paramount importance. Various discourses have so far emerged in this area. If we do not introduce the Islamic discourse about sexual drive as an independent one, we should expect that other discourses influence society and fill the gap. As a result, conflicting value systems we need to the emergence of different kinds of crashes in society, within family, and among the new generation. It is for this reason that Islamic sexual ethics must be introduced and analyzed from different aspects. This paper undertakes to explain the ontological foundations of Islamic sexual ethics in a descriptive-analytic method. full story

Sexual behavior from a religious perspective

Mohammad Bagher Kajbaf

It is extremely important to study sexual behavior as a fundamental human behavior especially after marriage. The sexual identity is formed when an infant is 2-3 years old. This identification is pivotal to the survival of human species. Also, it plays a very important role in the tranquility of life. Therefore, it is needed to the moment of death. Sexual behavior is largely influenced by education and training. Therefore, sexual education is of prime importance. The present paper tries to study appropriate sexual behavior from the perspective of Islamic teachings. We shall explain why sexual training is necessary, how it should be carried out, and what its limits are. We shall proceed to the discussion of premarital sexual activity, and the significance of introducing the framework of sexual training based on Islamic teachings. full story

Sexual education from an Islamic perspective

Behruz Rafi’ee

According to science and religion, child lacks any sexual activity actually except in very exceptional and abnormal cases. Nevertheless, Islam has taken precautions in order to prevent the rise of untimely sexual behavior in children and has introduced measures to treat such untimely behaviors if they are exhibited. The measures introduced by Islam for controlling sexual instinct and correcting sexual behavior are consistent with other aspects of child’s growth. They even positively contribute to child’s growth and development largely. full story

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