8th Issue

Hekmat Quarterly Journal

An International Journal of Academic Research


Islam and Peaceful Coexistence of Religions



ISSN: 1916-2693

Eighth Issue

Summer 2014

Published by: Canadian House of Wisdom

Director: Seyed Mohammad Shahrestani


Editor in Chief: Mohammad Asadi




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Islam and Peaceful Coexistence; International Conventions and Treaties in Islamic Law

Abbasali Amid Zanjani

There are different kinds of legal conventions and treaties acknowledged by Islamic Law. This division is based either on the typology of the parties to the convention/treaty, the essential characteristic features of the convention/treaty, or its duration. Islamic Jurisprudence recognizes four distinct kinds of treaties described and delimited exactly and in length titled “the pledge of charge”, “peace treaty”, “the pledge of protection by individual Muslims” and “arbitration treaty”.

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Peaceful Coexistence according to Islam

Ali Aqahassani

By nature, man is a social creature. To meet his needs, he has to live in society. As the population of the earth grows, human needs augment. This may lead to crashes of interest. Experience has taught human beings that they can achieve their ends better in a peaceful and cooperative atmosphere. From the two bloody and devastating world wars in the 20th century, humanity learned a great lesson: efforts must be put into promotion of friendly relations and cessation of hostilities. Since then, a new term was introduced to political literature; peaceful coexistence. It was promoted to a high legal status gradually appearing in international legal documents though not in UN Human Charter. In this paper, we investigate the status of this notion in international law and Islamic view. We shall confine our discussion to central essential issues to cope with the limitations of this work. full story

Coexistence with Non-believers in Islamic Jurisprudence

Mohammad Hassan Najafi

Human beings are born as social creatures; they depend on one another for their life. Coexistence and relationship are vital to human life. It is only in society that human beings can meet their needs, enhance their quality of life, and develop their skills and capacities. Human survival depends on coexistence and due to this need people are prepared to enter into contracts and social treaties with one another and care to respect their commitments.

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