Behavioral pattern

Positive economics uses especial methods for anticipating and understanding human behavior. These methods are called model making or pattern making. A model in this sense is the display of what we consider as the most important factors responsible for the emergence of the behavior under study. Models usually neglect some effective factors purposefully in order to focus on some other factors. For instance, the model explaining why people opt for investment concentrates on income level and inflation rate intentionally omitting other factors like individuals’ wealth. Economic models may be written in mathematical language with the help of functions and arguments or geometrical terms or statistical charts.[6]

As we are dealing with the theoretical economic systems in Islam, we mean by behavioral pattern what explains the behavior of people who are brought up according to the teachings of Islam rather than what explains the objective factors forming the behavior of people. Consequently, speaking about consumption pattern or saving pattern in the Islamic economic system amounts to explaining the motives people may have in so doing, the rules governing their consumption, the limits on their consumption or saving etc. when they are supposed to be bound by Islamic teachings. We mean by alms giving pattern, lending pattern, and the like the model Islam prescribes and tries to implement.

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